Companion Animal Practitioner Training Clinics

These clinics are open to anyone wishing to become a Companion Animal Tellington TTouch Practitioner.  You do not need to have any prior knowledge of TTouch to apply for a place on these clinics and you are welcome to attend the clinics if you simply wish to learn more about the work but do not want to go on to become a Tellington TTouch Practitioner.

Participants on the Companion Animal Practitioner Training Clinic come from a wide range of backgrounds.  They include veterinarians, behaviour counsellors, re-homing centre staff, dog groomers, veterinary nurses, cattery and boarding kennel owners, dog trainers, dog owners and animal lovers.  You do not need to be working professionally with animals to attend these clinics and many participants are pet guardians who want to support their animals with a variety of health and/or behavioural issues and give them a better life.

There is no rigid structure to the course which some people find challenging at first. Time is spent giving you a solid foundation in TTouch bodywork, TTouch groundwork, the use of TTouch equipment and handling techniques and this will vary slightly from clinic to clinic depending on the needs of the dogs attending the clinics with their guardians. 

You can attend the clinic with or without a dog but please let us know in advance if you are bringing a dog(s).