Practitioner Weekends

These weekend events are only open to those enrolled in the Practitioner Training Programmes and for those who have achieved Practitioner in Training/Practitioner level and above.  This gives our Practitioners an opportunity to meet with each other and to practice any skills with the support of Sarah Fisher and Marie Miller.

Advanced Training Clinics

From time to time we organise Advanced Training Clinics which may be held at a re-homing centre or similar organisation. The clinics last for three days and are only open to those who have achieved Practitioner Level 1 and above.  These clinics count as an update of your skills.

Ongoing Support

Once you have decided to progress with the training programme you will be given a mentor.  A mentor is someone who is there to support you if you have a query or question about a case history or any other aspect of the work.

The UK office is also available for support either through the telephone or via email.  We value our Practitioners and aim to give them as much help as they may need where possible.  Anyone attending the Practitioner Training Programme is welcome on any one or two day workshops taught by Sarah Fisher free of charge and we encourage other qualified Practitioners to offer the same to participants on the training clinics although this is down to the individual Practitioner Level 1 and they may not have the room to accommodate extra attendees.