All competition animals benefit from TTouch.  The gentle body work TTouches help to improve circulation and concentration providing a useful tool that dog owners and horse riders can incorporate into their warm up routine without any risk of causing fatigue through exercise prior to performance. 

Riders note that their horses are more focused, more flexible and more consistent in their training and work if the horses receive a short TTouch session prior to schooling or competition.  The TTouches can also be used to help the animal cool down.

TTouch has been used successfully for horses competing in endurance, eventing, showing, show jumping, dressage, racing and a wide range of pony and riding club activities.  The work has been of benefit to Olympic level riders, International competitors and owners who enjoy attending local gymkhanas and shows.

Dog owners and handlers have used TTouch to improve balance, focus and flexibility in dogs competing in agility, obedience, Rally O’, working trials, heel work to music and so on. The slow ground work exercises improve precision and good balance is essential for any animal that competes.

An overly excited animal will tire more quickly in the ring and the simple body wrap can help settle an animal that may be anxious or stimulated by the atmosphere at a show. The body wrap is a quick and simple tool for helping dogs and horses improve proprioception and the combination of body TTouches can be used to calm or stimulate the animal depending on their individual needs.

The body work and ground work exercises improve co-ordination, body awareness and balance.  An animal that is using his body effectively will be less prone to injury and the TTouch exercises can provide variety to any training session whilst furthering the education of the animal.

The TTouches are also excellent for helping animals overcome concerns when handled all over their body by a judge. Many owners and handlers take the skills learnt from either a workshop or a one to one session with a qualified Practitioner and incorporate them into the training and handling of their competition animal with great success.

Booking a one to one session with a qualified Practitioner may also give you further insights into any niggling issues that your animal may have as Practitioners use their observational skills to find areas of tension and sensitivity held in the body. These areas of tension will have a direct impact on how that animal performs and behaves.  In some cases the Practitioner will recommend that you consult your veterinary surgeon to rule out the possibility of a physical problem limiting the potential of the animal if they find that the animal is consistently sensitive to hand contact in the same area or the response to being handled on a specific part of the body is extreme.

Animals that have shown consistent stress responses to being touched and those that exhibited sudden changes in their performance have been found to have kissing spines, the onset of arthritis, fractures around the base of the tail, muscle damage and so on when further veterinary investigations were carried out.  As the body learns to compensate for the injury, the animal is likely to develop unlevel muscles thus limiting his chances of making a recovery and TTouch has been a vital tool in enabling animals to return to full function or at least improve the quality of their lives if their competitive career is at an end.

Feedback from the owner of a show dog that had become hand shy with the Judges and consulted Tina Constance

T was Best of Breed today at Bath and behaved exemplary in his class, challenge and the Group ring (Group judge was a male)

Thankvyou, Tina - IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU AND TTOUCH!  You're awesome.