Jules Ballard

Jules lives in Wiltshire, UK with her husband and 2 GSD's, Zeb who is 12 1/2 and Dakota who is 18 months. Dogs have always shared her life and she believes they make a house into a home. She is an ACE trainer, SA Pro trainer, reflexologist, trauma resolution practitioner, canine enrichment technician and dog behaviour consultant, specialising in supporting sensitive, fearful and anxious dogs and their guardians.

She recently retired after 35 years as a nurse and midwife to focus full-time on her business; Contented Canines. As well as offering puppy programmes and 1-1 behavioural support she has written several courses on trauma, resilience, enrichment, reactivity + others.

Free Work is a major part of any behavioural support plans she devises, having seen how it has supported and helped her adolescent dog to flourish. Dakota participated in her first Free Work session when she was only 8 weeks old!

She is a member of the Pet Professional Network and The Dogenius Institute

Email: jules@contented-canines.com
Website: https://contented-canines.com

Website for courses: https://contented-canines.newzenler.com