Pauline Mitchell

Pauline grew up living close by to a riding stable where she spent most of her time with horses and ponies, dogs, cats, and her own pony Topper.

She started her professional career with dogs in 2008 as a dog walker. It soon became clear that not all dogs were as easy going as her previous Labrador girls! Her dog walking clients taught her that not all dogs experience life in the same way and each expressed how they felt through different behaviours.

In order to support dogs, who see life differently, Pauline has qualified as a Tellington TTouch® Practitioner 1, Emmett Therapist, Canine Body Language Instructor, and an ACE Trainer and has her own business ‘Alba Dogs’ working from within a natural dog food shop.

Supporting dogs and their guardians to have a closer connection, Pauline understands the correlation between physical, mental, and emotional well-being, assisting the guardian to understand their dog’s body language and communication. She uses ACE as the foundation of learning and is passionate about teaching people how to learn and understand their dog through ACE.

Pauline lives in Aberdeen, Scotland with husband Doug and their third Labrador, 4-year-old Amber. Amber is a sensitive girl with some physical difficulties which affects how she explores her world. Amber has learnt all her life skills through ACE, from learning to have equipment like collars and leads put on, recall and walking in balance while on a lead and, equally, Amber has taught Pauline how to adapt and provide individualised support throughout their experiences of ACE Free Work together.