Ellen Angelino

Ellen works on her own small farm in the middle of the Netherlands where she owns a large herb garden. In her animal work she is passionate about looking at the whole animal and natural health prevention is an important part of that approach. She shares her farm with her husband Albert, three dogs, six cats, five horses and a bunch of chickens. Her farm also provides Ellen with the space to run one to one sessions and small workshops at home.

In 2006 Ellen started changing her career in the financial world for one to work with horses. She became a qualified saddle fitter, took behaviourist courses and became a Tellington TTouch Practitioner for horses. At this moment Ellen still teaches TTouch for Horses at the students of a holistic veterinary school. 

Inspired by Sarah Fisher who worked with her dog Bullet in the Netherlands in 2011, Ellen also became a Tellington TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals. Because learning never stops Ellen also qualified as a Natural Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant; a Dutch training based on the principles of and approved by Turid Rugaas. Ellen also travelled to Belgium to study two courses of five weekends in total about Dog Aggression taught by Amber Batson. 

Ellen also fosters semi feral kittens to help them become happy house cats and uses a combination of TTouch and the ACE Free Work which she has adapted from Sarah’s work with dogs. Ellen is also a qualified Braingame Instructor for dogs and cats and incorporates elements of that knowledge with her own horses.

On a regular base Ellen also goes to a local animal shelter to volunteer and work with the cats and dogs who need extra support. Her strength lies in working with fearful animals. 


ACE Associate Tutor, Tellington TTouch P2 for Companion Animals and Horses, Natural Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant