Petra Mohar

Petra has a degree in biology, but her passion has always been dogs. During her studies, she actively volunteered at the Society for the Protection of Animals and in the Animal shelter in Slovenia, where she was later also employed. Since then she has completed the International Dog Trainer Education programme with Turid Rugaas, achieved the Canine Behaviour Consultant Diploma and become an Advanced Photonic Therapy Small Animal Practitioner.

She met Sarah Fisher at a DogsTrust International Training Programme and soon joined the Ttouch workshops at Tilley Farm. There she came into contact with ACE Freework, which has become an integral part of her work with dogs and other animals.

Petra offers both in-person and on-line consultations to help dogs and their guardians better understand and trust each other in our modern, fast and demanding world. Majority of her clients are based in her home country Slovenia, but she also works internationally in English. 

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