Stephie Guy

Stephie helps people living with sensitive dogs to calm the Emotional Chaos, so they can 

            • be calm and have a clarity of thinking, with both humans and dogs going about their day functioning effectively

            • peacefully resolve any conflicts that surface for either themselves or their dogs

            • communicate with each other clearly, connected in ways they never thought possible

            • feel safe, secure and relaxed, looking forward to each new day with optimism, wonderment and a sense of adventure

She spends most of her time working with either shouty-barky dogs or dogs with separation anxiety, focusing on both canine and human wellbeing. She uses powerful choice-based learning encompassing a whole range of ACE techniques, tailored for each individual client and each individual dog. 
Her tuition is easy to follow, friendly and focused. 

Stephie is based in Ormskirk near Liverpool, UK, and works worldwide via zoom . She has two grown-up children and currently shares her life with Mickle, a sensitive labrador x golden retriever, and her supportive husband Tony.