Sue Williamson


Sue Williamson is a ACE Tutor, dog groomer, trainer, behaviourist, and Tellington Ttouch Practitioner.  Sue has lived dogs much of her life, and her changed career in 2016 to work with dogs full time.

She has a successful business, Happy Paws With Sue, based in Leicestershire.  She specialises in dogs with grooming anxieties,  including referrals from other groomers and vets, and was the first groomer to incorporate the ACE Freework into the grooming environment, and uses many of the ACE techniques to involve dogs in the grooming process. 

Sue has prioritised the grooming industry as her area of expertise to deliver ACE workshops around the United Kingdom improving the knowledge of groomers who wish to take a more animal centred approach. 

As well as grooming and teaching ACE, Sue also works 1-2-1 with clients for behavioural issues and training.
When not working, Sue spends most of her time with her own dogs – show cocker Taz, Mini Poodles Ritzi and Chic, and Working cocker Talis. 

Sue currently has two books in preparation to publish in 2019, both focusing on grooming using ACE techniques, one for dog guardians and one for professional groomers.