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Mon-05-06-2023 to Fri-23-06-2023
Online and in-person

ACE Module One is part online and part in-person at Tilley Farm.

This Module is part of the ACE Training Programme for those who wish to become a certified ACE Trainer/Practitioner.

This course is also open to anyone who wishes to explore the ACE Approach, including ACE Free Work and ACE Observations.

You are supported in your studies with weekly live Zoom meetings with Sarah Fisher, and a dedicated FB group where you can upload videos for feedback, and support.

Zoom schedule:

7pm (UK)

Monday June 5th
Monday June 12th
Monday June 19th
Friday June 23rd

In-person workshops are held at Tilley Farm in Septemner 2023. We only have small groups attending the in-person event to ensure each attending dog can engage in Free Work twice a day.

If you are based overseas and/or cannot attend a workshop at Tilley Farm you can complete your studies online with an ACE Instructor.
Three weeks online plus two days in-personTilley Farm
Timsbury Road
Sarah Fisher

01761 471182



Please contact the office for more information on ACE Training courses and the ACE Training Programme.