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Mon-10-01-2022 to Mon-17-01-2022
Online and in-person

ACE Free Work is a three day module which is part online (over the course of a week), and part in-person with a two day practical workshop at Tilley Farm. There are a few dates to chose from in the Spring of 2022.

The written content is accessible on Teachable, and you are supported in a dedicated Face Book group where you can upload your videos for feedback, and advice.

There are two live Zoom sessions on January 10th and 17th at 7pm UK time.

The practical workshops in small groups of no more than ten giving us time to observe each attending dog in a Free Work set up and building the layers at a pace to suit each individual dog.

If you are wanting to enrol for this course, but cannot travel to Tilley Farm, you can complete your learning in a small dedicated group online with an ACE Instructor.

Please contact the office for a booking form.
Three days in total
Sarah Fisher

01761 471182



Please contact the office for a booking form.