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Mon-25-07-2022 to Fri-05-08-2022
7pm UK 25th July

This online course is the equivalent of a two day workshop and any one can attend this course. Mindful body contact and ACE Observations can help highlight areas of body tension, and give you answers to questions you might not even know you have asked.

ACE Observations have enabled countless guardians to seek veterinary support as they have been able to identify physical problems that had been inadvertently overlooked.

The ACE multi-modal approach to canine care and education has been life changing for dogs and their caregivers. It has also helped save the lives of dogs who were utterly overwhelmed by aspects of the human world. The more attention we pay to the internal environment of the dog, the less disruptive the external environment will be.

We will also cover an introduction to ACE Free Work in the live Zooms and written content that accompany this course. ACE Free Work has been a successful first step to hand contact and gentle body work for dogs that are concerned and/or easily aroused by touch.

Live Zooms will take place on 25th July, 1st August and 5th August at 7.00pm (UK).
Eleven days online
Sarah Fisher

01761 471182



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