Frequently Asked Questions

What is TTouch?
TTouch is a training technique that helps animals overcome a wide variety of health and behavioural problems. It uses body TTouches, ground work exercises and specific equipment to improve physical balance which in turn influences mental and emotional balance and recognises an inextricable link between posture and behaviour.

Is TTouch a form of massage?
TTouch is different from most forms of massage as the body TTouches actually move the animal’s skin as opposed to rubbing or creating friction on the tissue. Non habitual movements with the animals body are also used.

Is TTouch of value for aggression?
Yes. In the majority of cases animals with reactive behaviours towards animals and humans can be supported with TTouch. Some animals overcome their concerns completely and others show a marked improvement in recovery after a reactive episode and the episodes become less frequent and far more manageable. (Read the article on TTouch and Aggression for more information)

Can anyone learn TTouch?
Anyone with an interest in helping animals to lead a better life can use TTouch. You do not have to have any prior experience of TTouch to attend a workshop or Practitioner Training Clinic. Even learning a few body TTouches or how equipment such as the Balance Leash can improve a dogs behaviour on the lead for example can be of benefit to you and your animal companion.

How can I get help for my animal?
A full list of Practitioners qualified to work with companion animals and horses can be found on the Practitioners page. You might also want to attend a workshop or talk to learn how TTouch can be of help for you and the animals in your care.

Can I attend a Training Clinic even if I do not want to become a Practitioner?
Yes. You are welcome to join the Practitioner Training Programme without becoming a Practitioner but you cannot use the TTouch name or advertise TTouch sessions unless you are qualified to do so.

Can TTouch be helpful for animals with ill health?
Yes. In conjunction with appropriate veterinary care, TTouch can help animals to recover more quickly from surgery and reduce the effects of old-age by improving movement and increasing circulation in the body.

What animals benefit from TTouch?
Horses, dogs, cats, smaller animals such as rabbits and rats etc, snakes, lizards, meerkats, skunks, camelids, wild animals and farm animals are just some of the different species that have been helped with TTouch.

What does TTEAM stand for?
TTEAM is the name given to the Equine side of TTouch (Tellington TTouch Equine Awareness Method) but in the UK we generally use the name TTouch for all aspects of the work.